The Wheel in ATL Keeps on Turnin’

Random Journey reference FTW (I know you are singing this in your head now…)

About an hour into my drive up to Atlanta for my Optometric Conference, I realized that I had forgotten my tripod on my workbench in my garage (#CCF)!  My wife can tell you that I take forever to pack and think of everything that could possibly come up and plan accordingly…  Well, I remembered that I had my GorillaPod in my briefcase from a previous trip, so decided that would suffice, especially since I was just carrying the X100S for the week.

I was insanely busy in class and meeting up with old friends during the week, but was able to peel away and to capture my “bucket list” shot of MY ferris wheel.  The reason I say it’s MINE, is because this used to be on Pensacola Beach and was the subject of one of my favorite shots from my time here.  Unfortunately, the revenue stream wasn’t very good, so the whole wheel was moved up to Atlanta and it looks great across from Olympic Park!  I strolled into the park and found a garbage can to bring my camera a bit higher and capture this long exposure.  I espesially liked the moon and the light burst that were in the frame as well!


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Wheel in ATL Keeps on Turnin'

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Miss May I and August Burns Red – The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA

Currently, one of my favorite bands is August Burns Red.  Although we have some good acts stop in Pensacola, we usually don’t get the bigger tours coming though.  When ABR announced their “Frozen Flame” tour, I was bummed that the … Continue reading

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Spring Tune Up – #WE35

For February, the WE35 team was given a project to shoot 36 exposures (in a row) with out cameras with NO changing ISOs, NO white balance adjustment, NO post processing, and NO cheating.  The aim was to mimic film (or … Continue reading

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Sailboat on Lost Key

I really like this time of year because the sun sets relatively early and it’s usually right around the time I head home from work.  I had brought my Fuji X100S into the office a few weeks back after a string of nice sunsets.  On this particular night, I took a little detour to Lost Key Marina and grabbed a few shots for the #WE35 project and was gifted with this gem of a sunset.  Still processing the walk around shots, but wanted to at least share this one today!

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Lost Key Sailboat

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Tarklin Bayou Sunset – #WE35

Well, it’s been way too long (again)…  A good friend of mine in San Diego is trying to keep me honest and I received an email from him this week asking if everything was OK, since my blog has been so quiet lately!

I joined a group of fellow photographers in a year long project for 2015, started by Justin Balog, called #WE35 where we are going to do photography research utilizing only a 35mm focal length.  This was a natural fit for me since I shoot 80-85% of the time with my 5DMarkII and 35 or Fuji X100s.  Along with normal posts, I will have field reports and monthly assignments.  Its a great group of people and hopefully it gets me sharing a bit more…

Usually I don’t have a 35 on my camera is usually when I shoot landscapes, and instead I’m rocking a wide angle or fisheye.  I was heading out to meet the fam for dinner after a later departure from work (one of the reasons I havent been posting) and the sunset was just too good to pass up.  I ran in the house and grabbed my camera which happened to have a 35 on it and headed to the shores of Tarklin Bayou.  It took me a couple shots to recalibrate my eye to 35 vs a wide angle view, but when the sunset explodes like this, I’ll take just about any lens and it will work out :)

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Tarklin Bayou Sunset-2
Tarklin Bayou Sunset Tarklin Bayou Sunset-3

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