Jim + Katie | Engaged

Katie had contacted me a few months back after talking to a mutual friend about an “engagement style” shoot at the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola.  Her and boyfriend, Jim were looking to do a shoot in his Marine Corps dress uniform in front of the Corsair specifically.  Jim was finishing up flight school and about to earn his “Wings of Gold” as a Marine Corps (Naval) Aviator and then head out to the East Coast where he will be flying Harriers (pretty bad-ass, huh???).  Unfortunately, they were coming through Pensacola the same weekend I was out of town at an optometry conference.  I told her that if anything changes in their schedule, to let me know and we could try and work out another time.  Well, something changed BIG TIME.  During flight school, Jim’s take on getting married was summed up in a simple slogan: “No ring until wings.”  He kept up his end of the deal and after earning his wings, proposed to Katie.  I showed up to the shoot thinking they were still dating only to find out they had gotten engaged the night before!

We walked around the museum, shot near the Corsair, then headed to the O-Club so they can change (it was closed), then on to Fort Barrancas (which was also closed), and finally to one of the outer embankments of Barrancas which had some awesome old brick and sick light!  Had a blast with these two and am super excited for their new adventures together!

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Jim + Katie-01 Jim + Katie-04 Jim + Katie-17 Jim + Katie-05 Jim + Katie-09 Jim + Katie-07 Jim + Katie-13 Jim + Katie-14 Jim + Katie-15 Jim + Katie-18 Jim + Katie-19 Jim + Katie-22 Jim + Katie-24 Jim + Katie-26 Jim + Katie-27 Jim + Katie-28 Jim + Katie-29 Jim + Katie-30 Jim + Katie-31 Jim + Katie-32 Jim + Katie-33 Jim + Katie-36 Jim + Katie-37 Jim + Katie-38 Jim + Katie-40 Jim + Katie-43 Jim + Katie-44 Jim + Katie-45 Jim + Katie-46 Jim + Katie-47 Jim + Katie-48 Jim + Katie-49 Jim + Katie-50 Jim + Katie-51 Jim + Katie-52 Jim + Katie-53 Jim + Katie-54 Jim + Katie-55 Jim + Katie-56 Jim + Katie-57 Jim + Katie-58 Jim + Katie-60 Jim + Katie-63 Jim + Katie-66 Jim + Katie-67 Jim + Katie-71 Jim + Katie-72 Jim + Katie-73 Jim + Katie-76 Jim + Katie-77 Jim + Katie-78 Jim + Katie-79 Jim + Katie-80 Jim + Katie-81

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USS Alabama Battleship Park

Over Christmas my dad, brother, and I headed out to the USS Alabama Battleship Park outside of Mobile for a tour.  The USS Alabama (BB-60), a South Dakota-class battleship, was the sixth ship of the United States Navy named after the US state of Alabama. Alabama was commissioned in 1942 and served in World War II in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters.  Also on the grounds is an aviation museum and the USS Drum (SS-228) is a Gato-class submarine of the United States Navy, the first Navy ship named after the drum, any of various types of fish capable of making a drumming sound (per wikipedia).  We spent the morning checking out the ships, taking in a bit of history, and of course taking pictures (in my case) :)

I was armed with my Fuji X100S for the day and all shots are processed with VSCOFilm.

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Battleship Park-01 Battleship Park-02 Battleship Park-04 Battleship Park-06 Battleship Park-07 Battleship Park-10 Battleship Park-12 Battleship Park-13 Battleship Park-14 Battleship Park-16 Battleship Park-17 Battleship Park-18 Battleship Park-19 Battleship Park-20 Battleship Park-21 Battleship Park-22 Battleship Park-23 Battleship Park-25 Battleship Park-26 Battleship Park-28 Battleship Park-29 Battleship Park-30 Battleship Park-31 Battleship Park-32 Battleship Park-33 Battleship Park-34 Battleship Park-37 Battleship Park-38 Battleship Park-40 Battleship Park-43 Battleship Park-46 Battleship Park-47 Battleship Park-48 Battleship Park-52 Battleship Park-53 Battleship Park-54 Battleship Park-57 Battleship Park-58 Battleship Park-60 Battleship Park-61 Battleship Park-63 Battleship Park-64 Battleship Park-65

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A Bridge Down Yonder on the Chattahoochee

I was up in Atlanta for an Optometry conference this past month and was driving through Mississippi around sunset. I was noticing the sky starting to change colors and new the Georgia border (and subsequent river separating the 2 states) was close by so I quickly glanced at my Maps app to find the town of West Point Georgia with a city park and rail bridge spanning the Chattahoochee River. Of course I set up and the colors dissipated (#ccf) but was able to snag this frame while the sky still had some pink in it!

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Bridge to Mississippi

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The Big Tank

One of my bucket list photography items from my trip to Okinawa last year was to attempt a time lapse of the “Big Tank” at the Churaumi Aquarium.  This is by far the BEST aquarium in the world and part of that is attributed to the huge piece of glass that makes up the main tank, which houses 3 whale sharks!

After dropping my wife and baby off at the hotel, I headed back to the aquarium with my 3 year old to do this time lapse.  After I set up, he asked me to pick him up to watch and he promptly fell asleep.  I shot for about an hour holding him and protecting my tripod from getting bumped (there were a few people there).

Make sure you head to Vimeo to watch this in HD as well!

The photos were processed with the new #VSCOFilm5 presets, Music is “Out of the Skies, Under the Earth” by Chris Zabriskie


The Big Tank at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium from Chris DeAngelis on Vimeo.

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A Streaky Sunset

I went to a party at a colleague’s house and he lives right on the edge of Big Lagoon State Park and Grand Lagoon in Pensacola.  I didn’t have my camera that night for the sunset, but told him that I would be back soon…  The next day I returned and shot this (among other) frames…

(Click to view larger in the light box)
A Streaky Sunset

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