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Road Work, 50 Meters

Well, the weather has been less than spectacular since we’ve been in Okinawa…  It has rained almost every day and even though the forecast has called for thunderstorms, I haven’t seen any good lightning. :(  Usually by this time, the water starts to get nice and blue and the skies are just perfect, but the season is just a little bit behind schedule…  The kids and wife weren’t feeling well today, so just a quick one from our trip so far!

There has been lots of fast moving clouds overhead, so I have tried to make the best of the weather by shooting long exposures.  If you follow me on Instagram (C_DeAngelis), you may have seen the bridge shot that I posted a couple days ago.  After shooting a few exposures of that from a restaurant parking garage, I ventured out into the road for some light trail shooting.  I liked the curves in the road when I was scouting earlier and decided to use the road work sign as my focal point.  For those of you who aren’t really paying attention, notice the backwards light trails… I have accidentally turned down the wrong side of the road a few times out here and it takes a little getting used to :)

I processed this in LR with VSCOFilm today :)

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Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 17-40L, 31mm, f/16, ISO 100, 25 sec.

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Giant Jacks

This image is from my first day out shooting in Okinawa.  It was pretty rainy after we arrived, but I decided to venture out for some shooting after the rain had passed.  The clouds were moving quickly, but the layer overhead was still pretty overcast.  I knew I wanted to shoot some long exposures near the sea wall and I climbed down to shoot these giant concrete jacks out in the ocean.  These are used to brace the seawall that runs along much of the west shore of Okinawa.  I love the textures on these and thought they contrasted nicely with the smooth water.  I was hoping for some streakier clouds, but I was only able to get 15 second exposures with my 10 stop.  I shot 1 exposure for the sky and another for the jacks and blended them together.  I’m hoping the weather is clearer over the next couple weeks!

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Canon 5DMarkII, Canon 17-40L, 17mm, f/16, ISO 100, B+W 10 stop ND

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Union Pacific – Building America

I apologize for the little hiatus that I took from the blog the past 2 weeks, but things were pretty hectic!  We moved out of our house (3 days with movers) and into a hotel in Fresno, then hopped on a plane on Monday and flew to visit my in-laws in Okinawa Japan!  Total travel time was almost 24 hours from hotel to home here.  The baby did fantastic, but the 2 year old is… well 2… :(  Anyways, between the busy move and jet lag, this is the first time I’m able to sit down and post.  It’s Saturday here, but we’ll call this my Friday post, OK?

There are very few things I have missed about my old camera set up since switching to my 5DMarkII, but one of them is the ProOptic 8mm Fisheye lens…  I made some great images with that little manual lens, but alas, it doesn’t work on a full frame camera.  When I first started in photography, I never contemplated shooting with a fish, but I had that one lent to me and I was hooked!  My buddies Jesse Pafundi and Rich Williams consistantly are killing it with the fish and I have been really itching to get one for myself.  Canon actually stopped making their 15mm, and Jesse highly recommended the Sigma, so I decided to take the plunge!

I shot a little around the house during the move, but what better way to break in the new fish was to head to the local train yard…  It was a pretty rainy day, but I got about an hour of fantastic cloud cover!  I shot a couple different comps here, but this was definitely my favorite!  I got out shooting in Okinawa today and I’m certain I will have a fair amount of fisheye shots to share! :)

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Canon 5DMarkII, Sigma 15mm Fisheye, 15mm, f/16, ISO 100, 9 exposures

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Strange Brew

This post has nothing to do with the movie with the same title (which is hilarious by the way)…  Part of me misses Mike Olbinski’s movie title themed posts too, so I decided to steal his idea for today 😉

My friend and colleague, Doug has been a huge supporter along my photography journey.  He also is one of the main reasons that I picked up a film camera (which he provided to me), leading to the acquisition of my Minolta XG-M from my mom…  He recently decided to develop his own film in the comfort of his home… with coffee!  Yes, by mixing instant coffee, washing soda, and vitamin C powder together, you can develop black and white film!  The developer has been named Caffenol and we were both inspired by a blog dedicated to this process by a gentleman named Reinhold

Last week, I shot through a roll of Fomapan film that I picked up at the B&H superstore in New York City and tried my hand at the developing (thank you to Doug for the developing tank and reel)!  This turns out to be a really contrasty film with a pretty nice grain to it.  I used Reinhold’s Caffenol C-L recipe which is a stand development technique.  I loaded the reels the night before and after 70 minutes in the sauce, the negatives came out!  I scanned the images and below are a couple of my favorites from the roll.  If you want to see the whole roll, you can check it out here… I think that the powders from the washing soda and vitamin C weren’t quite dissolved all the way, leaving some white speckles on the film.  I may try a little more agitation on the next go around…

This was a really rewarding process that really allows you to control the image from start to finish and I’m excited to play around with it more in the future!  Enjoy #FilmFriday!

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New Season

Well here we are!  My 1st anniversary of starting the blog!  I launched last year with a plan to post every Monday and Friday and am happy to say that I didn’t miss a post – not even when my son was born, or I was underway on the carrier, or visiting photogs around the country :).  I started with a focus on HDR images, but soon branched out into long exposure, family shoots, maternity shoots, events, and even film.  I have learned so much in a short year and have met so many supportive folks along the way.  It has been a great ride thus far!

Since baseball’s opening day is on Wednesday and today is the start of my ‘2nd season’ of blogging, I chose this shot of Fenway park.  I’m a die hard White Sox fan (and also a fan of any team that plays the Cubs…), but have a fondness for the Red Sox because my favorite baseball player, Carlton Fisk, got his start here.  I had driven by the park when I was in optometry school taking my boards in Boston, and immediately planned on visiting the park when I was back for a conference.  I didn’t get into the park, but walked around and grabbed some shots.  This one was my final set up and I went ultra wide and threw on the 10 stop to get the fast moving clouds that were streaking overhead.

I personally want to thank everyone who has stopped by, commented, liked, +1’d, or tweeted my work this past year and I look forward to sharing more images in the future!

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Canon XSi, Sigma 10-20 EX, 12mm, f/20, ISO 100, 60 seconds, B+W 10 stop ND

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