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Union Pacific – Building America

I apologize for the little hiatus that I took from the blog the past 2 weeks, but things were pretty hectic!  We moved out of our house (3 days with movers) and into a hotel in Fresno, then hopped on a plane on Monday and flew to visit my in-laws in Okinawa Japan!  Total travel time was almost 24 hours from hotel to home here.  The baby did fantastic, but the 2 year old is… well 2… :(  Anyways, between the busy move and jet lag, this is the first time I’m able to sit down and post.  It’s Saturday here, but we’ll call this my Friday post, OK?

There are very few things I have missed about my old camera set up since switching to my 5DMarkII, but one of them is the ProOptic 8mm Fisheye lens…  I made some great images with that little manual lens, but alas, it doesn’t work on a full frame camera.  When I first started in photography, I never contemplated shooting with a fish, but I had that one lent to me and I was hooked!  My buddies Jesse Pafundi and Rich Williams consistantly are killing it with the fish and I have been really itching to get one for myself.  Canon actually stopped making their 15mm, and Jesse highly recommended the Sigma, so I decided to take the plunge!

I shot a little around the house during the move, but what better way to break in the new fish was to head to the local train yard…  It was a pretty rainy day, but I got about an hour of fantastic cloud cover!  I shot a couple different comps here, but this was definitely my favorite!  I got out shooting in Okinawa today and I’m certain I will have a fair amount of fisheye shots to share! :)

(Click to view large in the light box!)

Canon 5DMarkII, Sigma 15mm Fisheye, 15mm, f/16, ISO 100, 9 exposures

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