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Drifted Ashore

This shot is from one of the better sunsets since I got to Okinawa.  I shot on this beach with my son after returning some dive gear at the adjacent marina.  There is a stone pier that juts out to sea that I thought would be perfect for some sunset and long exposure work.  I ventured out but didn’t realize that I scouted during low tide and returned to shoot during high tide!  I did some shooting on the beach anyways and was drawn in by this piece of drift wood that had washed ashore.  I liked how it was ‘pointing’ down the curve of the water and seawall to lead your eye through the frame.  It was almost telling me to ‘go that way’ and shoot some more… which I did… and you will see at a later date!

As far as processing, I had captured an exposure for the foreground and one for the sky, but in post realized that my first shot was pretty nicely exposed.  I ran the image through CS5 and LR3, and after comparison, liked the LR version better (a much faster edit too!).  I’m currently using this as my iPhone home screen and if you would like to also, you can download it here!

(Click to view large in the light box!)

Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 17-40L, 21mm, f/8, ISO 200, 30 seconds, Marumi 3 stop ND

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