Any Day Now…

For those of you who don’t know, I am getting ready to be a dad for the second time!  And soon! My wife is now 38 weeks +3 days and is ready to go into labor at any moment.  This will be our second son and his due date is 11/11/11 – which would be sweet, but I’m pretty sure that we won’t make it until then…

Since I was out to sea, on a photog trip, and at an optometry conference the last 2 months, I really haven’t had much family time.  In fact, all the time between trips was spent building baby furniture and getting ready for the little guy.  I did a maternity shoot before my 1st son was born and it was really the jumping off point for my photography hobby obsession.  Since she is getting so close to labor, I decided we needed to get out this weekend and shoot!  I am borrowing a 50 1.4 from the other optometrist (among other lenses) and have really fallen in love with shooting primes.  In fact, I was all hell-bent on getting a 24-70L when I upgrade to full frame, but now I’m seriously considering getting a 35 and 50 prime instead!  The IQ and bokeh is just phenomenal.   The only gripe I have with this particular lens is I get some nasty chromatic aberration that I fixed pretty easily in CS5, but it was a little time consuming…  Any tips/advice would be welcome…

We brought Dillon along on this shoot because he is so cute with the baby.  When we say “Where’s baby?” he walks up to my wife, lifts her shirt, lays his head on her belly, and says “baby, baby, baby.”  So I thought that would be perfect.  However…  A 19mo old and an open park doesn’t really help with the attention span.  He ended up cooperating a little bit and I’m glad I got some good shots of the 3 of them :)

I wanted to make sure I got this post out today because I don’t know if we will make it to Friday and it sure would be silly to post her maternity shoot after I flooded the Twitter/Facebook world with newborn pics… :)  Enjoy!

(Click on the image below to view in a slide show, or click each image separately to view full size…)

California, Canon 50mm 1.4 USM, Canon XSi, Hanford, Portrait, Urban, Permalink

11 Responses to Any Day Now…

  1. So awesome dude. Great shots!
    Scott Wyden Kivowitz recently posted..October Snow

  2. Chris Nitz says:

    Your post brought a smile to my face this morning. I wish you two the best of luck this week and I’m looking forward to the announcement of a new life :)
    Chris Nitz recently posted..Learning the Fundamentals

  3. Edith levy says:

    Really fantastic shots Chris. Congratulations!

  4. These are really great Chris, esp if you’ve never done one before. Impressed! Congrats to you guys, I hope the baby is almost here!
    Mike Olbinski recently posted..Sneak Peek – Ryker and Family

  5. Curt Fleenor says:

    Chris these are incredible!
    Curt Fleenor recently posted..Stream Crossing

  6. A.Barlow says:

    Nice set man. What I like is I don’t see any of the cliche’ shots really. Looks good!

    As far as the CA problem goes, do you use LR3? Light Room has a really nice lens correction option that I have found works just as good in most cases than CS5. You can easily save your preset if you specific lens isn’t found and be good to go!

  7. Really great job Chris esp for a first attempt!

  8. Adam Allegro says:

    Awesome job and congrats!!! That is awesome. I just dropped my resignation papers last week so I will be a civilian next Aug! I plan on traveling for a year, photographing all of Europe, N Africa and Asia! Lovely collection you posted!

  9. Justin says:

    Congrats Mav!
    Justin recently posted..The Golden Gates

  10. Great shots man! So excited for you!

  11. Dave DiCello says:

    Beautiful shots here Chris! And congrats on being a dad times 2! I wish you and your family all the best!
    Dave DiCello recently posted..Bursting with color

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