Road Work, 50 Meters

Well, the weather has been less than spectacular since we’ve been in Okinawa…  It has rained almost every day and even though the forecast has called for thunderstorms, I haven’t seen any good lightning. :(  Usually by this time, the water starts to get nice and blue and the skies are just perfect, but the season is just a little bit behind schedule…  The kids and wife weren’t feeling well today, so just a quick one from our trip so far!

There has been lots of fast moving clouds overhead, so I have tried to make the best of the weather by shooting long exposures.  If you follow me on Instagram (C_DeAngelis), you may have seen the bridge shot that I posted a couple days ago.  After shooting a few exposures of that from a restaurant parking garage, I ventured out into the road for some light trail shooting.  I liked the curves in the road when I was scouting earlier and decided to use the road work sign as my focal point.  For those of you who aren’t really paying attention, notice the backwards light trails… I have accidentally turned down the wrong side of the road a few times out here and it takes a little getting used to :)

I processed this in LR with VSCOFilm today :)

(Click to view large in the light box)

Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 17-40L, 31mm, f/16, ISO 100, 25 sec.

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5 Responses to Road Work, 50 Meters

  1. Chris Nitz says:

    It looks as if you are parting the sea of traffic! What was the blue/green lights on the right side? You are a brave soul for sitting in the road like this 😉
    Chris Nitz recently posted..Weekend Relaxer #17

  2. You know, I am so used to driving on the left now, it’s gonna be a trick to go back to the other way. I echo Chris… Given how terrible Japanese drivers are, I would be terrified to shoot from middle of the road. Maybe they are better in Okinawa… Up here in Aichi, well we are the number one prefecture for driving accidents.

  3. A.Barlow says:

    Did a good job on the exposure here man.
    A.Barlow recently posted..Mischeif

  4. Edith levy says:

    Beautiful light in this image Chris. Well done.
    Edith levy recently posted..iPhone Friday – The Distillery District

  5. A Japan road shot. Sweet!
    Chris Frailey recently posted..My Girl

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