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I was called by the Charbonneau’s to take a couple pictures for their annual Christmas card/letter and headed out to their place to grab some images of the family a couple weeks ago. Chuck and Mary are both optometrists in Pensacola and have a gorgeous house right on the water across the Bayou from me… Chuck was in the Navy and I actually took over his billet in Okinawa and it has been nice to finally meet up with him and get to know his family. Their kids are both adorable and their son and my son are only 3 days apart in age. I had a blast shooting them and may take them up on the offer to use their house for other shoots in the future!

Charbonneau Family-01.jpg

Charbonneau Family-02.jpg

Charbonneau Family-03.jpg

Charbonneau Family-05.jpg

Charbonneau Family-08.jpg

Charbonneau Family-10.jpg

Charbonneau Family-11.jpg

Charbonneau Family-15.jpg

Charbonneau Family-16.jpg

Charbonneau Family-17.jpg

Charbonneau Family-18.jpg

Charbonneau Family-20.jpg

Charbonneau Family-22.jpg

Charbonneau Family-23.jpg

Charbonneau Family-24.jpg

Charbonneau Family-25.jpg

Charbonneau Family-26.jpg

Their son REALLY wanted to use my camera to take a picture… He’s pretty good :)


Charbonneau Family-27.jpg

Charbonneau Family-28.jpg

Charbonneau Family-32.jpg

Charbonneau Family-33.jpg

Charbonneau Family-34.jpg

Charbonneau Family-35.jpg

Charbonneau Family-36.jpg

Charbonneau Family-37.jpg

Charbonneau Family-38.jpg

Charbonneau Family-40.jpg

Charbonneau Family-41.jpg

Charbonneau Family-42.jpg

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2 Responses to The Charbonneau Family | Lifestyle

  1. LensScaper says:

    What a beautiful house that is. And some superb family images too.
    LensScaper recently posted..The Frontier Ridge

  2. Mary Eidson says:

    Beautiful home…love the pics of you and your gorgeous family. Love to all. Mary

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