The Company We Keep

Well, it’s back to New York today.  There have been some great posts from everyone and I have really enjoyed seeing some of the candids and portraits that came out of our photo walk.  I decided that I should throw some of my images into the mix too!

The main stories of the day were Jacob’s monster 400mm lens that he toted around.  That thing was a beast and was the subject for many a photographs throughout the day!  Heath also brought a sweet Mamiya medium format film camera that was pretty slick.  I had never seen a medium format up close before (heck, I barely knew how to handle film a month ago…) so it was definitely cool to experience.

(Click on any of the photos below to view large in the light box)

We started the day shooting the sunrise in DUMBO – Mike, Jesse, and Jacob are all set up for their shots…

There it is…  Jacob Lucas is a seriously awesome bloke who lives in Seattle and is from Australia.  His stuff has been just awesome lately and it was awh-some to hang out with!  Now he’s just showing off…

Heath, Jesse, and Mike taking a little break under the GW Bridge (Jesse’s seeing how awesome a 5DMk2 is…  He took the plunge for a full frame Nikon a few hours later I think…)

Just a man and his bridge…  Jacob shooting under the George Washington Bridge…

See, I told you that lens got a lot of attention.  Brian Furbush shooting Jacob shooting while Jesse waits his turn…

Jesse Pafundi‘s turn to shoot with the 400 – now since he had a crop sensor camera body here, that makes this an equivalent of a 600mm zoom lens!  You can see his sick shot here… Jesse has been a fun photog to watch.  He has a great sense of style with his images and his posts always tell a great story.  He is based in Long Island and helped organize our dinner the night before as well as locations to shoot during the day.

Deep in thought…

Mike shooting up at the Brooklyn Bridge to get a unique perspective…

Heading off the Brooklyn Bridge.  That’s a lot of photogs and a lot of gear!  Throughout the day were were asked “who we were following” – I guess we looked like paparazzi :)

Brian Matiash showing up to the party before we checked out the Highline.  Brian is one of the first photographers that I followed and really got me interested in HDR and photography in general.  He took us to a killer pizza joint after shooting here.

Scott Wyden was a late addition to our crew and was definitely fun to hang out with.  Here is is shooting Jacob’s non-400 (Jacob and his gear were popular…)

Heath O’Fee and his Mamiya.  Heath is from Calgary and has been doing some fantastic work with his digital and film photography.  He is also one of the early blogs that I followed and talked me into getting my iMac last year and also got me interested in shooting film.

After lunch we went to Central Park to hang out and relax a bit.  We checked out each other’s gear.  Here is Brian with Heath’s Mamiya.

And Brian Furbush with Matiash’s 70-200

Heath trying out Mike’s sunglasses – Now either Heath has a little head, or Mike has a big one… Maybe both :)  What’s surprising is that he didn’t have a headache for the rest of the day after looking through all that astigmatism correction!

Mike Olbinski is from Phoenix and is someone who has really helped me out along my photography journey.  Always there for advice or just to chat, he is a super nice guy and an excellent photographer.  He’s saved me from posting a few haloed HDR images too…

iBrian – The new app for my phone… Brian Furbush is from New York and did a fantastic job with helping to organize this trip.  Unfortunately, his camera had some focusing issues the day before this photo walk, but he powered through and got some sweet shots!

This image, taken by Jacob Lucas, was the icing on the cake for the day.  Fantastic idea and great execution! Good thing we didn’t have too many beers so we could stand still (Hold the line!).  We headed up to Times Square after shooting the sunset and eating dinner to take this group shot…  Rich Williams is pictured on the left and one thing I regret is not getting a good shot of him.  He is a portrait and fisheye guru from Boston and took some fantastic shots through the day!

Everyone parted ways and the stragglers stayed out shooting in Times Square.  I captured this shot of Brian and Jacob working on their panning shots.  Make sure you check them out!  (Brian’s here and Jacob’s here)

If I haven’t said it already (or 10 times), this was just a fantastic experience and I can’t think of a better group of people to hang around with! Hopefully the stars will align again for another epic trip!

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15 Responses to The Company We Keep

  1. Good times, fun shots, love it!
    Scott Wyden Kivowitz recently posted..From my eye: Carton Brewing

  2. Heath O'Fee says:

    Awesome, dude. So glad someone got a shot of me wearing those glasses – hilarious!
    Heath O’Fee recently posted..Lake Cameron

  3. Haha love the iBrian. Great collection dude. So much fun to meet and shoot with you!
    Jesse Pafundi recently posted..The Loop

  4. Great shots man – dig the iPhone shot of me, though I look a bit possessed haha.
    Brian Furbush recently posted..Cartagena Baskets

  5. Steve Beal says:

    Dude…. awesome. I’m so bummed I missed you that weekend – but something tells me we’ll meet soon. Sweet images man!
    Steve Beal recently posted..Too Late

  6. Thanks Chris for taking all these and then posting them…a fun group of people, a fun collection of images!

  7. Chris Nitz says:

    Very nice set of images. Sure wish I could have made this.
    Chris Nitz recently posted..Beer Label Friday Week 43

  8. Not one single shot of me? Hell, I’m not even in any of the bokeh. Is my mug *that* ugly? =)

    This is still a cool set of photos of some very talented dudes in the Big Apple. Great memories of a fun 18 hours.

  9. Edith levy says:

    I now feel like I’ve been on this photowalk…thanks for taking me along. Great post and terrific shots.

  10. Great set of shots, Chris! It looks like you had a blast!
    Chris Kenison recently posted..Engagement Session – Levi & Amber

  11. A.Barlow says:

    Nice set man. Freaking monster lens on that one, lol.

  12. Dave DiCello says:

    This is one awesome man! Looks like you guys had a blast! Cool to see some candid shots of everyone!
    Dave DiCello recently posted..Just around the bend

  13. Adam Allegro says:

    Great post!! I love these shots! Makes me wish I was there!

  14. David Baker says:

    Such great images from what looks like one hell of a time in NYC! I love the progression, and your comments add great life to them.

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