Under the Bridge

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, a week ago, I embarked on an incredible trip to New York City to meet and shoot with some great photographer’s from around the country. We had a fantastic 18+ hour day of shooting and hanging out. I have followed all of these photographers for over a year or so now and they have really inspired me, and in one way or another, impacted my work. The group consisted of Jesse Pafundi, Brian Furbush, Heath O’Fee, Mike Olbinski, Jacob Lucas, Brian Matiash, Rich Williams, and Scott Wyden, with a short cameo from Dave Veffer.  The coolest part was that it felt like we all knew each other just because of the interactions through various social media outlets. If you didn’t catch it, Jacob posted our group shot from inside Times Square…

We started off the day in the DUMBO area and then did a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. After a visit to the high line and some stellar pizza and beer, we headed to Central Park (I was kind of zonked out by then, most likely due to the beers…). Luckily, I caught my second wind right before sunset, which leads us to the image for today.

We we shooting from Manhattan towards DUMBO with the sun setting behind us. After a few long exposure shots, we moved over to the pier to shoot the bridge. I ended up walking down the waterfront a bit because I thought the underside of the Brooklyn Bridge would make an interesting subject. I decided to go with the fisheye and line up the horizon with the center of the lens to minimize the distortion and giving an ultra-wide field of view. I shot at a narrow aperture to get the light bursts, and yes, the white light burst is the moon! We totally lucked out with the moon that night as it passed perfectly over the bridge as the evening progressed. The long exposure blurred the water nicely and the ‘beach’ area gave a nice contrast.

I actually really like this framing and have a similar shot of the Queensboro bridge that I will post at a later date. Get used to bridge shots for awhile (Don’t worry, I’ll mix it up a bit) :)

(Click to view large in the light box!)

Canon XSi, ProOptic 8mm Fisheye, 8mm, f/16, ISO 100, 180 sec exposure


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17 Responses to Under the Bridge

  1. Totally rocked this shot!
    Scott Wyden Kivowitz recently posted..My Favorite Storm Chaser Photographer

  2. Great shot man, love the moon placement!
    Jesse Pafundi recently posted..Sunrise in DUMBO

  3. I remember seeing this in your viewfinder, and it turned out great! Nice details under the bridge.

  4. Bob Lussier says:

    Love the fisheye here! I’m heading to NY today for a wedding tomorrow. We are staying in Brooklyn, so I will try to hit this spot over the weekend.
    Bob Lussier recently posted..Trinity Garden

  5. Curt Fleenor says:

    Outstanding shot Chris, can’t wait to see the rest!
    Curt Fleenor recently posted..Fall Takes The Curve

  6. Ryan Sexton says:

    Fantastic shot! What a great group of guys to go shooting with, it must of been one hell of a day.
    Ryan Sexton recently posted..Empty Times Square.

  7. Nice perspective with the fish. Can’t wait to see the rest.
    Chris Frailey recently posted..Happy Trails

  8. Chris Nitz says:

    Super cool shot! Loving the light reflections on the water.
    Chris Nitz recently posted..Beer Label Friday Week 41

  9. A.Barlow says:

    Nice shadows and light in this. Looks really cool.

  10. Scott Wood says:

    Great shot, love it. Sounds like you guys had an epic day. Wish I could have been there.
    Scott Wood recently posted..Storm Clouds

  11. Wow Chris, I love this. A special and unique image, one of my favorites of the day!
    Toad Hollow Photography recently posted..A Cottage And A Castle

  12. Nice job man…think we’ll all have a ton of bridge shots to share :)
    Mike Olbinski recently posted..Aussie’s have big lenses…and other pictures

  13. Jan Winther says:

    Sweet sweet shot.
    Jan Winther recently posted..More falls colors

  14. Adam Allegro says:

    Chris, Awesome shot! I wish I could have joined the little “photowalk”. Sounds like it was a fantastic time. Well done with this shot.

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